Project Description

Interact Club of La Mirada High School is reaching out to you for support in making this project possible!

The Philippine government crafted a master plan dedicated towards their goal of clean water and sanitation for their country! Currently, the Philippines estimates two billion citizens who lack safe drinking water which contributes to the consumption of bacterial diseases and short life spans. One of their goals signifies the extension of the level three water service to 80% of the country by the year of 2035. By doing so, our project estimates the number of operators needed to meet our goal which we found to be double the current number. There is a need to develop this human capacity in hopes to support our national goal in extending pipe water to 80% of the Philippine population.

According to our research, the project will consist of designing a training strategy to achieve our goal. Specifically, constructing regional training centers and establishing a learning management system to implement a training cloud base with an annual updated training as well. Furthermore, this will potentially create more employment in water sector jobs as water districts will have the ability to recruit water operators or individuals who are interested in learning more about how to become an operator. There is a need for operators, especially in calamities to help repair harmed water systems.

Interact members of La Mirada High School will help the Philippines Local Water Utilities Administration create a program in their country! Our first step in this process consists of a survey documenting the efficiency of a high school student determining how fast they can become a certified water system operator. Although we are in the early stages of our action plan, with your support, we will have the opportunity in taking physical action in the Philippines at the Philippine National Water Conference, alongside our partner, John Brady (Deputy Director Operations and Engineering of Central Coast Water Authority). Specifically, we lack the financial resources to make this project happen! Our objective as a club is to send a few representatives with John Brady to the Philippines in January 2023 to present our proposal to the Philippine government with the intention of making change towards cleaner and safer water.

On behalf of the Interact Club of La Mirada High School, we appreciate your time and consideration! Thank you.

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