Project Description

“Democracy in a Box” is guided by the goal of deepening civic knowledge and engagement through active conversations that bridge ideological divides with civility. In collaboration with strategic partner organizations, we have designed tried-and-true formats to host conversations in a brave space that encourages dialog at club- wide or small group levels.

Structured conversations framed around a questions that bridges political divides allow for all voices to be heared in an equitable manner and encourages civil discussion of topics that might feel uncomfortable,yet ultimately leed to deeper mutual understanding. Designed by Rotaractors with Rotarian input and idelogy “Embracing the future while respecting the past”.

Project Website

We use our Rotary Clubs inner active 4-7-8-17 banner to help us rate and display each of our club projects. The “Boxes” lighten for each “Box” that the project qualifies for. All projects must pass “THE FOUR WAY TEST”  and at least one “Area of Focus” and one  United Nations, 17 Sustainable Development Goals