Project Description

Recognizing that there are millions of plastic bottles around school feeding into the toxic waste problem of the world, the California High School Interact Club wants to make a change and put a stop to the millions of plastic bottles being inadequately disposed of. We propose “Going Green,'' a project focused on distributing recycling bins throughout the school to reduce plastic waste, especially water bottles. Our goal for this project is to create not only a cleaner school environment, but a greener world for future generations. This project will promote community awareness and would be directly benefiting our environment on campus, as well. In addition, any proceeds from this collection will be donated to local charities.

Project Website

We use our Rotary Clubs inner active 4-7-8-17 banner to help us rate and display each of our club projects. The “Boxes” lighten for each “Box” that the project qualifies for. All projects must pass “THE FOUR WAY TEST”  and at least one “Area of Focus” and one  United Nations, 17 Sustainable Development Goals