The Rotary Club of Newport Beach was formed as a Global Service Club
with the purpose of “Embracing the future While Respecting the Past.”

All of our local and global service projects follow Rotary’s
legendary “4 Way Test” and fall under at least one of Rotary’s
7 Areas of Focus“.We also have created project’s that
embrace Rotary’s “8 Pillars of Positive Peace” and have
a long-term  strategy that aligns with the United
Nations’  17 Sustainable Development Goals.

All of our programs have been designed to partner with Rotary clubs locally
and globally in our strategic vision for the future.


Is it the TRUTH?

Clarity, Transparency Fact checking Ethical Behavior

That we do our homework to collect information and to apply critical thinking by asking questions to know the difference between facts, beliefs, assumptions and opinions as well as know what we don’t know.


Is it FAIR to all concerned?

Inclusion, Empathy Acceptance, Belonging, Accountable

That we use empathy to be see other points-of-view in the context of the problems to be solved and the goals to be reached



Trust, Do Good, Feel Good, Have Fun.

That the process is civil, and there’s a feeling of respect and openness to ask the “dumb” question that can lead to creative and innovative answers. Also people preferred to work with people they like, respect and trust.


Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

What-If scenarios, Trade-offs, Being Creative and Innovation, Better Decision Making

That these are the conflict transformative answers and decisions that can lead to mutually satisfying solutions that are sustainable and scalable. This can be an iterative process as we learn more from doing and continuously improve with time.

Maternal and Child Health

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Basic Education and Literacy

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Economic and Community Development

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Disease Prevention and Treatment

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Water and Sanitation

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Peace and Conflict Prevention / Resolution

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Well-Functioning Government

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Equitable Distribution of Resources

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Free Flow of Information

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Good Relations with Neighbors

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High Levels of Human Capital

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Acceptance of the Rights of Others

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Low Levels of Corruption

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Sound Business Environment

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