International Inclusive Organization (IIO)

West Coast Inclusive Water Sports

The charter of IIO Inclusive Water Sports is to get as many people involved in water sports that want to “get out on the water”and who would otherwise not have the opportunity due to their reduced physical abilities and the lack of accessibility.  This includes the use, and in some cases purchase, of boats and equipment designed to be used in inclusive aquatic programs. We also plan to aid and encourage marinas and water sports organizations to install person lifts which can hoist individuals safely from their wheelchair to water sports equipment and safely return them to the wheelchair upon completion of their activities. We plan to get person lifts installed in many marinas and aquatic organizations as possible over the next five years as part of the “50 lifts in 5 years” program.

50 in 5 Goal for 2020

  • Work with existing individuals and programs, such as community aquatic centers and national organizations like US Sailing, who already provide inclusive access programs and learn how we can learn and augment their needs
  • Create repeatable program for new person lift approvals
  • Work with person lift manufacturers to develop marina installation and maintenance procedures
  • Develop fund raising programs to support ongoing purchases, installation and maintenance
  • Develop outreach programs for individuals with reduced physical abilities to make them aware of new accessibility to various water sports
  • Explore working relationship with individuals to expand to Pacific Northwest
  • Initial – Five new person lifts on the West Coast

Goals for 2020 – Northern California

  • Continue to support the use of the RS Venture sailboats currently at the Richmond and Half Moon Bay Yacht Club.
  • Spread the word with other yacht clubs and marinas that the two RS Venture sailboats are available to be used on loan under the supervision of IIO-WS.
  • Connect with and continue to attend Rotary meetings and events in the San Francisco Bay area to promote our programs.
  • Connect with SURF (Brett Morley) and local surf, kayak and SUP organizations and locations.
  • Participate as an instructor in the STEMSail program at the Richmond and Sausalito Yacht Clubs.
  • Coordinate and participate in the Blind Sailing Course to be offered at the Richmond Yacht Club and continue to facilitate Blind Sailing activities.
  • Continue active fundraising.
  • Provide support for IIO-WS in Ventura area by introducing our programs to local Rotary Clubs, yacht clubs, and marinas.

Goals for 2020 – Southern California

  • Leverage the existing programs (Challenged Sailors San Diego) and activities (CorYC Inclusive racing and Point Loma Yacht Club) in San Diego by sharing best practice
  • San Diego Yacht Club
    • Kick off Inclusive Boating program
  • Coronado Yacht Club
    • Kick off Inclusive Boating program
  • Spread the word with local Rotary chapters
    • San Diego, Liberty Station, La Jolla, Encinitas, Ventura etc.
  • Continue connection with Mission Bay Aquatic Center
  • Connect with National City Aquatic Center
    • JJ Fetter
  • Connect with Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship– San Diego
    • Brett Morey