The Rotary Club of Newport Beach is happy to partner with two retired Surgeons General to help support military families with children diagnosed with cancer.

We have partnered with organization and pharmacies to help save money on prescriptions while raising money to support our programs.

The Prescription Discount Card is “Beneficial to all concerned”

  1. It saves the patient Money by lowering the prescription cost an average of 47%
  2. It saves the planet by reducingfuel cost from you driving to different pharmacies to get the lowest price
  3. It raises money to help families of children diagnosed with cancer.
  4. It can be used as a fundraiser for your organization
  1. Different pharmacies charge different prices for the same medications

(by buying all of your prescriptions from the same pharmacy, your probably not getting the best prices.

Your insurance pharmacy is not your only option for getting access to discounted drug pricing.

  1. With our card and website pricing tool, you can shop all the pharmacies in your local area for the best price without driving and we all need to lower our carbon footprint.
  2. This program is fair to all concerned! Compare your insurance price to the Discount Card price. Always get the lowest price!
  3. Th pandemic has hurt many clubs fundraising efforts. This program can help your club or organization raise money without in person fundraisers.

Formal Surgeon General of The Navy
Vice Admiral, Harold Koenig

Former Surgeon General of The Army
Lt General, Ronald Blanck

Prescription Discount Calculator