We are extremely proud to be a part of the Hansa 2020 Worlds that will take place in Newport Beach in 2020. Special thanks to everyone who worked with the Hansa Worlds Organizing Committee when we we’re competing for the Bid in 2018.

Newport Beach Regatta 2020 Chairs
Steve Bender
Duffy Duffield
Kevin Muldoon

The Hansa Worlds race takes place every two years on a different continent.
In 2016 it was held in the Netherlands, in 2018 it was held in Hiroshima Japan and attended by racers from 23 countries. Our goal for 2020 is to have sailors from 30 countries compete and enjoy our City.

2020 Hansa Acceptance Speech by Steve Bender in Hiroshima Japan on October 18, 2018

Steve Benders Acceptance Speech-Closing Ceremony
October 18th 2018
Hiroshima, Japan

Good Evening
I would like to thank everyone in Hiroshima, Hansa Designer Chris
Mitchell the Hansa Worlds Class Committee and all of the volunteers
for hosting a wonderful first-class event!
I have really enjoyed this week, meeting with past and current
organizers as well as participants and volunteers.


When I arrived at this beautiful and well-organized venue to observe
and begin planning for 2020, I was inspired.
I am VERY EXCITED to host you all in Newport Beach, California in 2020!


The Hansa World championships in Newport Beach (like Hiroshima) will
have every level of ability, from young able bodies, their parents,
grandparents, people with an intellectual disability, vision impaired,
paraplegics and quadriplegics using electric powered servo control
systems, all competing together.


Hansa Designer, Chris Mitchell has said

“that being disabled is
not being something odd or special, it’s really a normal function of
living, in fact we will all become disabled one day.
What we should be talking about is Diversity, we are all different, there
is no norm, other than it is normal to be different. Inclusion considers the
needs of everyone, including those with extreme difference.
Universal design and inclusion are actually the two sides of the same
coin. If you want inclusion you obviously need to use equipment that
everyone can use, so the chosen toys need to incorporate elements of
universal design”.

“Inclusion requires a change of heart, where you actually make people
from diverse backgrounds feel welcome”.


In January of 2019 we will launch a new program called the
International Inclusive Organization. (IIO). Our goal will be to work with
the City of Newport Beach and other organizations to improve our
infrastructure and hopefully make Newport Beach the most inclusive
city in North America in time for your arrival. Hansa Worlds is a great
event to begin transforming our city and the world.

With the largest recreational harbor on the west coast, Newport Beach
activities are abundant. Visitors can choose aquatic adventures from
Whale Watching and Kayaking to Back Bay environmental tours.
World class restaurants, art galleries, wine and craft beer tastings, live
entertainment and cultural venues will fill your itinerary. We are also
close to Disneyland, wineries, whale watching, and Hollywood so feel
free to come early or stay late.

Newport Beach will welcome you with open arms. We will be sending
out information as well as a questionnaire so that we can do our best to
tailor fit an experience just for you!
We promise a Holiday of a lifetime.


On behalf of myself the Mayor and the Residents of Newport Beach
We look forward to hosting everyone for the 2020 Hansa Worlds
Thank You and we will see you in Newport Beach, California.

Dōmo Arigatō Gozaimashita